Crafters know that best glue gun for crafts can make all the difference between a polished professional looking project and a DIY project that looks, well, like you did it yourself. Anyone who loves crafts projects and doesn’t use a glue gun is in for a treat.

Glue guns make craft projects go together more quickly. They provide a more stable adherence. They also give you a final project that is cleaner and more professional looking that other gluing choices.

There is a wide range of prices for glue guns, from very inexpensive at your local dollar store to incredibly expensive for people who make and sell their craft projects for a living. As with everything in life, you get more if you pay more. However, many features may not be necessary for the hobbyist.

Basic features you want to look for when shopping for a glue gun include:

  • ease of use: look for a gun that is lightweight, comfortable to hold, heats quickly, and easy to use
  • affordability: look for a gun that won’t eat up your entire craft budget
  • durability: look for a gun that will last for a reasonable amount of time
  • flexibility: look for a gun that takes universal glue sticks in various sizes that are easy to replace.

Ragnaros 60 Watt: Top Rated and Recommended Glue Gun Kit

Ragnaros offers a great hot glue gun kit which includes 30 hot glue sticks. This gun has a copper nozzle with a protective cover to prevent accidental burns. The smart temperature control keeps the glue at a consistent temperature, there is little to no glue back-up or leakage.There have been no major problems reported about the glue gun itself. However, the glue sticks that come with the gun can leave a string of glue after the trigger is released. This problem is easily fixed with practice or by using different glue sticks.

The best feature of this glue gun is the fact that it heats up quickly within 3-5 minutes and keeps the glue at a consistent temperature. So there is no problem with glue back-up or leakage.

This is a great middle-sized glue gun at 60 Watts for either hobbyists or serious crafters.


The Ragnaros 60 Watt Hot Glue Gun Kit is recommended for anyone who is a serious crafter or just a hobbyist looking for a great glue gun and is willing to invest a little extra money.