A basic toolkit every one should have at home consist of things which can be easily found. That’s what makes DIY easier. So, here are the 10+ must have tools that must be available at home 2019.

Must Have Tools for home Improvement 2019:

  • Scissors, cutter, blade etc
  • Tape – transparent, double, duct, packaging tape etc.
  • Glue – Glue guns, super glue, other adhesives
  • Paper – A4 sized, plain, colored, tinted, card paper etc
  • Sewing kit
  • Markers, sketch pens, pencils, and basic stationary.
  • Some scrap- old clothes, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, wires, newspapers, old bed sheets etc.
  • Tool box – hammer, screwdriver, nails, screws, tape measure, multi purpose knife etc.
  • Ropes
  • Torch
  • First Aid- bandages, cotton, disinfectant, rubbing alcohol etc.
  • Bubble wraps, foam sheets etc.

Some of these items are not necessarily found at every home (not mine atleast), but can easily be found in a nearby stationary or hardware store. Depends on what task you have taken up.

Before you start your task, always remember to keep your materials ready.

We made a video about the tools we think everyone should own a while back. Check it out: