Have you ever heard of the National Electric Code? If not, it is sort of a standard operating procedure on rules and guidelines to follow in regards to electrical wiring in residential buildings. The regulations in the manual are followed throughout the United States. One of the stipulations demands that kitchens, patios, and bathroom areas have GFCI outlets. The best GFCI outlet will be quick to install, have no faulty parts, and work well past its warranty. Collectively, they play an important part in keeping people safe from electric shock. Check out the five products below to see which are the best for your living areas. And don’t forget to read the Buyer’s Guide, which will give you some helpful tips before you make your final selection.

Leviton GFNT1-W  – Best Quality GFCI Outlet

The Leviton GFNT1-W is an all-white receptacle with 15  or 20 Amps of power, housed in a sturdy wall plate that’s sold with the device. The directions given during installation are a breeze to follow, so if you plan on doing this solo, the brand is among the highest recommended products to purchase. Compared to older editions of the same type, the frame is a little smaller, which also shaves off a few ounces in its total weight. And being that the cover is included, there won’t be a need for you to go out looking for spare parts to finish things up. If your walls aren’t white and you would like something that matches the color, you’ll have to find an alternative that’s compatible and flush with the outlet’s ground.

Observing the Buttons

Although it’s not really a negative, some people like to have GFCI outlets that are word and color-coded. It makes things easier to see, especially if you wear glasses or contacts. The letters are small, so be sure that you know what you’re doing on the front but especially on

the back side when wiring. And the screws that go to the cover plate might be difficult to place on as well, more so if you’re replacing a very old GFCI. Furthermore, make sure to tighten the screws for the wiring very good because if not, tests will continue to flash red indicators (meaning there is either a problem with the outlet itself or the installation).

But this shouldn’t occur with the average buyer. In fact, the quality of the parts will probably make it last much longer than anticipated, particularly when used in garages and porches. Leviton has certainly made a great safety feature to place throughout your home, and the plugs themselves go in easy but not too loose. It is suggested for anyone that has a combination of both indoor and outdoor grounds that need to be updated.


  • Voltage: 125 VAC
  • Amperage: 15(20) A
  • Operating Temperature: -35C to +66C
  • Terminal Accom.: 14-10 AWG
  • Colors: Black, Brown, Grey, Ivory, Light Almond, Red, White
  • LED Indicator: Yes
  • Certifications: UL/CSA
  • Included: Plastic cover with screws
  • Tamper Resistant: Yes, No
  • Cut off Electricity: 0.025 sec
  • Socket Tester with GFCI(Not Included): Amprobe ST-102B