When considering any arts and crafts project, paint or stain or any other type of brushed on product generally takes the center stage in terms of priority. However, just as important as the paint is finding the right brush. When it comes to furniture or a matte finish, you will want to make sure you have the best brush for chalk paint.

This is especially important considering that chalk paint does not inherently go on as smoothly as some other types of paint and can leave streaks in your finished product. While you can always give the end result a light sanding to remove the brush strokes, why not simply avoid that problem in the first place by finding the best brush for chalk paint.

1.) Brossum – Best Brush for Chalk Paint Wax

Brossum enters our list as a brand with the ideal specialty. Not only does Brossum specialize in chalk and wax paint accessories, but they go a step further and only manufacture brushes made for just such a purpose. This allows Brossum to figure out the perfect match of qualities for an ideal chalk brush. The fact that they sell their product exclusively online through Amazon only makes this product better as they can sell it for less than they otherwise might.

Easily one of the best qualities about the Brossum is its bristles which are made out of twice-boiled boar hair. Aside from the fact that boar hair is thick enough to accept the heavier paints the brush is designed to deal with, the fact that it is twice-boiled further strengthens the bristles and allows them to avoid absorbing the paints or degrade over time through use.

The handle is made of varnished wood so it maintains an excellent finish while providing you the stability and comfort required to paint for hours without fatigue. The ferrule is nickel-plated and made specifically to not rust or wear out. The bristles themselves are also a good size being 2 ½” in length and 1 ¾” in diameter–though this excludes the Brossum from finer detail work.

2.) Bartsh – Best Detail Brush for Chalk Paint

If the name did not give it away, the Bartsh Chalk Paint Brush is another company that eschews even other accessory products made for chalk paint and focuses exclusively on manufacturing the best brush. While this can sometimes lead to hit or miss results, the Bartsh Chalk Paint Brush is by far one of the more capable brushes for chalk paint that we reviewed. However, its true value comes from its versatility.

Specifically, this brush was essentially designed to be used for finer detail work as opposed to larger broad strokes. You can tell that this is the case due to the shape of the brush bristle tip. Unlike the other products that we reviewed which features a flat bristle tip, the Bartsh Chalk Paint Brush has a tip ending in a tapered shape. This allows the brush to get into tighter spaces without accidentally getting paint on any of the other surfaces.

Another clue that the Bartsh Chalk Paint Brush is designed to be used for fine detail work is its size. The bristles of this brush have the smallest dimensions out of any other product that we reviewed. While this would normally be a knock against the brush, because it is designed for fine detail work it actually becomes a boon, allowing the Bartsh Chalk Paint Brush to further reach nooks and crannies without splatter.

3.) New Renaissance – Best Brush for Chalk Painting Furniture

New Renaissance has definitely made more of a name for themselves with their chalk paint and furniture was than they have for their brushes, but they still know a thing or two about producing a solid quality brush as well. That said, this is definitely a secondary product for them and it is best suited for particular projects. For this brush in particular, that turns out to be larger projects with broad surfaces.In terms of the bristles, the most important part, the New Renaissance brush is good but not great. However, it does have a specific advantage over pretty much every other brush on this list: size. The length of the bristles are a near list best at 2” across, but the length of the bristles are what truly set it apart. At 3” long, the New Renaissance brush bristles are a full ½” longer than the next closest competitor and are able to hold more paint than any other brush we reviewed.

The bristles are made out of boar hair, but they are only boiled a single time. Still, they are fairly durable and can handle being used for both chalk paint as well as furniture wax. The only issue is that the bristles shed more than some higher end brushes. Still, the body construction is made out of solid wood and features a leather strap for easier cleaning. Also, the ferrule is made of nickel-plated stainless steel.