Imagine there was a product that allowed you to transform various everyday objects, including basically any wall, into a perfectly usable chalkboard. Now, you can stop imagining because that product exists. Chalkboard paint is an incredibly useful product that is capable of producing sleek, hard and smooth slate-like surfaces that you can write on using chalk. In order to help you choose the best chalkboard paint for your needs, this guide will go over five of the best such products on the market. Additionally, it will provide you with useful tips for buying and using chalkboard paint.

Rust-Oleum 206540 – Best Scratch-Resistant Chalkboard Paint

Ready for application straight out of the can, the Rust-Oleum 206540 is a no-nonsense type of chalkboard paint. It comes in a practical 30 fl. oz. can that makes application direct and quick. There are three different color options for this product: Black, clear and the classic green. The correct application of this paint results in a hard non-porous surface that is fully writeable and erasable. Meant for indoor use only, it can convert a variety of surfaces into fully functional chalkboards.


The Rust-Oleum 206540 was designed to be an all-encompassing, versatile solution for converting a wide range of objects into usable chalkboards. To this end, it can be applied to a variety of materials, including wood, metal, plastic, glass, paperboard, and hardboard. No matter which one of these materials you use it on, however, the result is always the same: An incredibly hard, non-porous and smooth surface that is both writeable and erasable.


Due to its practicality, the Rust-Oleum 206540 can be used in a variety of contexts with equally-satisfying results. Of course, its main applications are didactic. It can help produce writable and erasable surfaces basically anywhere, helping create an environment that is conducive to the exchange of information. However, it can also be used for decoration.

Because of its high level of quality, this paint can be used in both industrial or domestic situations. At the same time, however, its application is straightforward and simple enough that even the most inexperienced person can get positive results from it. It is so easy to apply and use, in fact, that it can be used as a didactic tool on its own, transforming various mundane objects into beautiful and useful writeable surfaces.

Special Features

Without a doubt, the Rust-Oleum 206540 stands out due to the incredible hardness and resistance to external elements of its surface. In addition to its hardness, the Rust-Oleum 206540’s chalkboard surface is completely scratch resistant, ensuring durability and reliability. These features, in combination with its compatibility with a wide range of materials, make it an incredibly versatile solution for creating durable and efficient chalkboards on basically any surface indoors.


Taking everything into account, this chalkboard paint is definitely worth buying. Apart from being straightforward and practical, it can be used to transform basically anything into a writeable chalkboard. As a result, it can be used in a variety of contexts and with different objectives. Furthermore, the hardness and resistance to scratches of the finished product are remarkable, adding to the durability and reliability of each finished piece. As if this wasn’t enough, the same product can be purchased in a convenient spray presentation (Rust-Oleum 1913830).